The Inspired Financial Story

I started Inspired Financial because I wanted to change lives for women – because women change lives in our community and our world.

The impetus for starting Inspired Financial occurred while I was a Relationship Manager for The Vanguard Group. I encountered truly heartbreaking situations where husbands would forget to name their wives as the beneficiary on their 401(k) plans.

I was struck by the idea that women, at a great time of grief in their lives, also faced unexpected financial anxiety and fear. Many also lacked the confidence and experience to make sound financial decisions.

Frustrated that I couldn’t help these women directly, I decided to start my own firm so that I could help women facing challenges from a wide range of hardships – including divorce or loss of a spouse – and that were in need of a trusted partner.

We have created a process for how women like to communicate, and take a high touch approach to learn who is important to them, what is important to them, and why. Our goals are to:

  • Empower clients to help them make good decisions to move forward.
  • Provide clients security and confidence that they often cannot achieve on their own.

We help our clients live simple and elegant lives, and are inspired each and every day through the quality of the relationships that we have with them.

– Evelyn M. Zohlen, MBA, MS, CFP®