Client Stories

We would love to share some client stories with you to give you an idea of some of the real life situations that we have worked with clients on.

Life is a series of transitions…

Over the years, we have been privileged to work with clients through the various “ages and stages” of their lives.

In fact, much of the planning we do involves helping people plan ahead for both the expected and unexpected.  If we can contribute in even a small way to helping ease those life transitions, we feel we have done a good job.  Often, our work spans family generations.

For example, our client Gini and her husband George came to us as a referral from her mother and father.   We had been helping Gini’s parents with their planning since the mid-eighties and were happy to provide the same service to their daughter’s family.  Sadly, both Gini and her mother Helen were widowed and turned to us to help them deal with their new lives. Helen ultimately had to move into an assisted living community, and we helped her and family as they worked through the challenges of long-term care.

When Helen died, we helped Gini and her brother with this change.  Recently, Gini has decided to move from a family home where she had lived for forty years into a 55+ community. Today, we continue to play an important role as she goes through yet another life change.

Gini is a terrific client because she views us as a partner in helping her make good financial decisions.  She is collaborative and consults with us extensively during these important inflection points in her life.  It is gratifying and a bit humbling to have been included in this journey, and it is exciting to know that we’ll be walking the path with her when she encounters her next transition.

Minding the shop and taking control

Beth and Steve both held management positions in their respective companies.

When Steve had an opportunity to take an assignment in Australia, Beth retired (at age 60) and joined him in Perth. We helped “mind the shop” for them while they were overseas and ensured that not only their investments, but also every facet of their financial plan ,remained on track. Steve enjoyed his work in Australia, but increasingly looked towards the day when he felt comfortable enough to manage his work on his own schedule and spend more time with Beth. This meant moving toward a retirement where he had control.

When the couple returned to the US, we worked with them to define this new life and some of the financial considerations that would create the life they wanted. In addition, we helped them navigate the complex process of consolidating many, varied employer-sponsored retirement plans and executive compensation packages. To provide them with even more comfort, our planning discussions showed Steve and Beth that they had plenty of resources to retire, travel, play golf, and spend more time with their young granddaughter. Steve and Beth looked at us as their partner in helping them use their financial resources to create the life that they wanted for the future.

Wealth Planning is a family affair

While we have many individual clients, we also work with many families and generations.

Our clients, Julie and Peter, are at the stage where they have enjoyed great financial success in their careers, while raising their two children.  We have worked with them to provide the wealth planning advice they needed to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.  Today, Julie and Peter are at the point where work has become an option, and they are able to spend more quality time doing the things they really want to do like volunteering at their church and in their community.

Not only do we work with Julie and Peter, but in addition we were able to help Julie’s mother when she was widowed.  We have also been able to meet both children in our role of managing their trusts.  This provides us with a unique perspective through which we can provide help for three generations and be actively involved in discussions on how to pass not just wealth but values, too, from generation to generation.   Wealth planning is truly a “family activity” and we are honored to share our insights, experience, and understanding as grandmother, parents, and children plan for the future.

Selling a business and moving to a new life

When Wendy, 63, decided that she should sell her business after 30 years and transition to a new and exciting phase of life, her organization coach suggested that she contact us to help out.

Not only were we able to help her optimize the value of her company and exit smoothly from the business, we also helped her plan for the next phase of her life.

In our conversations with Wendy, we gained an understanding of those creative and volunteer opportunities that she had put on hold while she managed her business as well as the life issues, needs and concerns that she held for the future. We created a strategy that helped her maintain her standard of living and created a wealth plan that made her comfortable in her new life.