Financial planning is an ever changing profession as laws, regulations, financial innovations, and people evolve. We are lifelong learners and love sharing our passion and expertise with curious consumers and professional colleagues alike.

With a wide variety of personal finance and professional education sessions, our content is appropriate for a range of audiences from financial novices seeking the basics of planning and investments, to industry experts pursuing the advancement of their skills, to all those that fall in between — we have material to excite, challenge, and enrich any audience.

Members of the Inspired Financial team are available for live, in-person speaking presentations for your conference, meeting, or private group event.

We invite you to peruse our library below and contact us if you would like to discuss having us speak at your next event.

Preparing for Life’s Most Difficult Decision

As we grow older and those we love grow older, we find ourselves confronted more often with the question of whether someone needs assistance in their daily living and if so, what type of assistance. You will be better prepared for life’s most difficult decision if you think about this issue now. Talk about it now! This presentation shows you how to tackle this challenging conversation and how to make these most difficult decisions.

What Your Mother Never Told You About Investing

Mom prepared us for many life decisions but most of us never learned the basics of investing. This presentation recommends an approach–almost a philosophy–on which to base your investment decisions. This philosophy not only informs but it also inspires confidence in the financial choices you must make. Mom would be proud!

Finding Her Way: What Every Woman Must Know About Financial and Estate Planning

Throughout the ages and stages of a woman’s life, she faces many financial opportunities and challenges. The choices that she makes at each of these junctures can set her on the road to long-term financial peace of mind or chronic financial anxiety. This presentation travels through each stage of her life with true stories to frame the unique challenges faced by women of all ages. This presentation informs and empowers you to make the best decisions for your financial future.

A History of Women and Money

Many times throughout history, women controlled significant amounts of wealth. However, that hasn’t translated into financial equality for women. This presentation highlights those female financial trailblazers and the important historical milestones that marked the way for women’s financial empowerment.

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Establishing & Keeping Good Credit

Credit: what is it, how to use it and how to keep yours in tip-top shape. This presentation covers it all in a fun, approachable, and interactive format.

Investing in Stocks

What exactly is a stock and what is the best way to select and own them? Learn the basics of stock investing based on an evidence-based approach grounded in the most current investment theory. You’ll leave with a good understanding of the stock market and how to invest in it.

A Primer on the Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry is complex and it can be difficult to know who to call when you need help. Learn who does what in the industry and how to select the right professional for the right situation who is a good fit for YOU.

Everything You Need to Know About Financial Planning

Are your investments optimized for you? Are you paying to much in taxes? Are you on track for your retirement? Do you have the right insurance? Have you updated your estate documents in the past 5 years? If your head is spinning right now, you may benefit from working with a financial planner. Learn everything that a good financial planner can do for you.

Women and Finances: Challenging Common Financial Myths

Women receive financial information and “advice” from many sources that oftentimes are well-intentioned but ill-informed. This presentation reviews the seven most common myths and misconceptions we encounter and gives the straight scoop with good guidance on how to address those issues.

Portability & the Breaking the Bypass Trust (1 hr)

We define the A/B/C trust structure, review the history of the estate tax exemption, discuss why Portability matters and how to use it as a planning tool after the death of the first spouse, Clayton election, and ways to break the Bypass Trust structure when unnecessary and/or other work-arounds.

Subtrust Funding: Trusts A, B & C (1 or 2 hrs)

We examine factors that warrant what assets are best suited for particular trusts and how the Applicable Exclusion of $5MM+ comes into play in funding QTIP and/or Bypass Trusts. In joint estates approaching $10M, we will consider partial funding of a Bypass Trust to keep appreciation out of the Survivor’s estate.

Year-End Tax Planning (1 hr)

Accelerating deductions and deferring income are the staples of year-end tax planning. On occasion, we will want to accelerate income and/or defer deductions. We will also discuss charitable strategies, Roth conversions, pension funding, and the dreaded AMT.

FP through the 1040 (1 hr)

Walk thru the Form 1040, line-by-line, to discuss tax implications, tax strategies, and maybe some hidden tax assets contained therein.

Divorce Issues: The Non-Tax Side of the Coin (1 hr)

Demonstrate how Divorce Financial Planning follows the familiar 6-step financial planning process. We review restrictions to traditional financial planning during the divorce and through a case study, we’ll present property settlement negotiating strategies to include how to address 529 plans. We discuss estate planning during/after divorce and other post-divorce issues.

Divorce Taxation Issues (1 hr)

Tax planning during divorce offers many benefits to the client. We will discuss the impact of filing status and recommendations for QDROs & IRAs. We will also demonstrate the difference between “good” & “bad” tax assets and the allocation of income/deductions with community property vs common law states. We touch on alimony & child support issues, sale of residence and tax carryforwards.

Financial Planning in the Midst of Divorce (2 hr)

This 2-hour session covers both tax and non-tax aspects of divorce financial planning. See program descriptions for Divorce Issues: The Non-Tax Side of the Coin and Divorce Taxation Issues for further information.

We prepare two to three new presentations every year, so call us to see what’s new for this year or to put in a request for a future presentation!

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