Leslie Rea, MBA, CFP®
Financial Planner

“I strive to provide clients with peace of mind about their financial affairs so they can focus on enjoying a rich and meaningful life.”

Leslie Rea is an Financial Planner on our team. She is a native of France and moved to the United States at age 19. Leslie obtained a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance in 2011 from Fresno Pacific University, and graduated in December 2013 from their Global MBA program.

While in college, she took interest in Wealth Management and eventually discovered the evidenced-based approach to investing. She worked for a well-respected financial planning firm in Fresno for three years before moving to Southern California.

Leslie is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and a member of the Financial Planning Association.

Leslie and her husband, J.J., enjoy outdoor activities, travel, and value spending time with family and friends. Leslie loves to read, is always on the lookout for the latest fashion, and strives to live a healthy lifestyle.

Fun Facts:

  1. I was raised in Marseille, my hometown located in the south of France and thus am fluent in French.
  2. My grandpa was a winemaker in France and I spent all of my childhood vacations in my grandparent’s castle.
  3. My favorite board game is “Lords of Waterdeep” by Dungeons & Dragons. Embrace your nerdiness!
  4. I am a member of Toastmasters International. This is where you will find me most Tuesday mornings.
  5. I love being a Financial Planner. Everyone can benefit from financial planning: young or old, rich or poor. I always strive to spread financial literacy, starting in my own family.