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The Inspired Financial team is quoted or mentioned in news publications across the web. You can see some of our contributions to the financial planning body of knowledge in the articles linked below. Enjoy!

10 years on: Despite dramatic change, ‘personal touch’ will dominate financial advice space Evelyn Zohlen spotlight in CNBC, 10/10/2019

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Taking the Long View on Insurance Evelyn Zohlen spotlight in Barron’s Magazine, 6/7/2019

New Arizona Law Protects Financially Vulnerable Seniors Evelyn Zohlen spotlight in FA Magazine, 6/6/2019

Evelyn Zohlen Takes Over As FPA President Evelyn Zohlen spotlight in FA Magazine, 1/3/2019

Evelyn Zohlen Becomes FPA President Evelyn Zohlen spotlight in ThinkAdvisor, 1/3/2019

What to buy the parents in your life who are saving and paying for college Evelyn Zohlen spotlight in MarketWatch, 12/20/2018

Home Personal Finance Gifts That Pay Off GET EMAIL ALERTS Gifting your kids a ‘career concierge’ could give them an edge to find that dream job Evelyn Zohlen spotlight in MarketWatch, 12/05/2018

More Advisors Target Mass Affluent Evelyn Zohlen spotlight in Financial Advisor, 11/20/2018

InvestmentNews – Women to Watch 2018 Evelyn Zohlen spotlight in InvestmentNews, 11/19/2018

Stocks are tumbling, rates are rising. What to do now? Evelyn Zohlen spotlight in AP News, 10/28/2018

The Lack of Women Advisers Is ‘Befuddling and Frustrating’ Evelyn Zohlen spotlight in Investment News, 10/22/2018

How an Air Force Intelligence Officer Became FPA President – Investopedia Evelyn Zohlen spotlight in Investopedia, 10/08/2018

Chip’s and Skip’s ‘Excellent Adventure’ breaks RIA stereotypes, sheds risk aversion for ‘gut-busting’ Alaska hike; black bears, grizzlies and moose, oh my! Evelyn Zohlen spotlight in RIABiz, 06/20/2018

The Journey: New law makes small steps to protect elders from financial abuse Evelyn Zohlen spotlight in PostBulletin, 06/04/2018

With Succession Planning, Advisors Aren’t Using Their Own Advice Evelyn Zohlen spotlight in Advisor News, 04/13/2018

Women’s History Month: Celebrating the women of financial planning Evelyn Zohlen spotlight in Investment News, 03/22/2018

‘Fee Only’ Compensation Can Have Conflicts Too, Says FPA Evelyn Zohlen spotlight by Financial Advisor Magazine, 10/13/2017

FPA Names Evelyn Zohlen 2018 President-Elect Evelyn Zohlen spotlight by Financial Advisor Magazine, 10/02/2017

CFPs Urged Not To Denigrate Other Marks Evelyn Zohlen spotlight by Financial Advisor Magazine, 6/21/2017

Most wish they’d listened to Mom and Dad about money Evelyn Zohlen spotlight by CNBC, 4/27/2017

Take this Secret to the Grave, and It’ll Cost You Mark Prendergast spotlight by CNBC, 4/6/2017

Client Response Confirms Firm’s Decision to Focus on a Niche Evelyn Zohlen spotlight by Financial Advisor IQ, 10/28/2016

Cutting the cord on support for adult children Mark Prendergast mentioned on, 10/13/2016

Parents: Get your finances ready for the FAFSA Evelyn Zohlen mentioned on, 9/29/2016

Help divorcing clients see past the money Mark Prendergast mentioned on, 9/15/2016

When married advisers part ways Evelyn Zohlen and Mark Prendergast mentioned on, 9/12/2016

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Late-Night Social Security Votes Have Major Political Ramifications Evelyn Zohlen quoted on, 4/2/2015

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Calming the Worst Fears of Women Retirees Evelyn Zohlen quoted on, 3/18/2015 2015