In The News 2016

The Inspired Financial team is quoted or mentioned in news publications across the web. We strive to share our passion for learning and knowledge with our clients as we continue to stay informed in our diverse and ever-changing profession. You can see some of our contributions to the financial planning body of knowledge in the articles linked below. Enjoy!

Client Response Confirms Firm’s Decision to Focus on a Niche
Evelyn Zohlen spotlight by Financial Advisor IQ, 10/28/2016
Cutting the cord on support for adult children
Mark Prendergast mentioned on, 10/13/2016
Parents: Get your finances ready for the FAFSA
Evelyn Zohlen mentioned on, 9/29/2016
Help divorcing clients see past the money
Mark Prendergast mentioned on, 9/15/2016
When married advisers part ways
Evelyn Zohlen and Mark Prendergast mentioned on, 9/12/2016
7 surprising careers that led top advisers to their current calling
Evelyn Zohlen mentioned on, 8/31/2016
Don’t wait for presidential decree to cut student debt
Evelyn Zohlen quoted on, 7/14/2016
How to win at getting college financial aid
Evelyn Zohlen quoted on, 4/8/2016
Are Women (Finally) Taking the Reins?
Evelyn Zohlen quoted on, 3/1/2016
Is it time for millennials to buy a home?
Evelyn Zohlen quoted on, 2/23/2016