Financial Planning

Financial planning is a process designed to help you reach your specific long-term financial goals and improve your life.  Understanding that one size does not fit all, we tailor our advice to your exact situation.

Since each piece of your plan impacts the other pieces, we consider all of your goals as a whole. For example, while many clients consider preservation of wealth as their first financial priority, they also want to minimize taxes, plan for the transfer of their wealth on their terms and make an impact on others through charitable giving.

Inspired Financial Planning

Financial projections to achieve your goals

We prepare financial projections for your retirement, college funding and other important goals to create a savings strategy that ensures you achieve these goals. We regularly update these projections to make certain you’re staying on track.

Tax mitigation strategies

We thoroughly review your tax situation and suggest methods to legally maximize your deductions and credits and reduce your overall tax obligation. We collaborate closely with your tax professional to coordinate and implement these strategies.

Insurance and Asset Protection

Not all risk is bad, but we will make sure that your exposure is limited to only what is necessary. We will recommend cost-effective insurance and asset protection solutions to protect you from the risks that you must take.

Estate planning to ensure your legacy

Estate planning can do much more than just minimize taxes; it can ease a financial transition during a difficult time for your family and can ensure that your values as well as your estate pass in legacy. We collaborate with your estate attorney to ensure that your estate plan speaks for you when you can’t.

Charitable giving ideas

Our clients care passionately about a wide variety of local and global causes. Our careful planning with you helps you make a difference while optimizing your charitable impact.

Our advice is objective and unbiased, and with four CFP® professionals and a CPA on staff, we are uniquely qualified to address a myriad of situations. We also work with a network of professional experts, such as estate attorneys, to implement our recommendations.