We are a fee-only, comprehensive wealth management firm. To get the “official story” on us, check out Why Inspired Financial.

Behind the scenes, our Core Purpose is to Inspire joy and peace in our clients and in ourselves by helping them achieve what is important to them.  We want to empower clients – primarily women and families – to feel comfortable managing their financial lives, especially during and after times of significant change. We have a culture of excellence, learning, team work, robust communication, constant improvement and fun (and, we’re located in Huntington Beach; what more could you want?!).

We realize that the title “Client Service Associate” (or “CSA” as we call it internally) is a little vague. The CSA works with our Financial Planners to provide an excellent experience for our clients. Your job is to make our clients feel confident that we care for them and to solve their problems. To do this job well, you need to be comfortable solving problems without clear guidance and treating your clients like you treat your loved ones.

That’s the high-level description, but you probably want to hear more about the details:

How to succeed:

Successful CSAs at Inspired Financial…

  • Complete and process client account paperwork quickly and with as little disruption to the client and planners as possible.
  • Communicate with clients and prospects clearly using proper written and spoken language.
  • Track all open requests closely, with almost-obsessive attention to detail.
  • Build close relationships with clients by making them feel cared for.
  • Communicate as often as necessary with clients who have an outstanding request.
  • Keep client records organized and updated.
  • Log every activity and event related to your clients into Salesforce, our CRM, to ensure it is updated and current.
  • Be comfortable with cloud-based applications, e-signatures, and learning new software…all the time.
  • Be the intermediary between clients, planners and our custodian, making sure the custodian does their job for the client.
  • Support the rest of the Client Service team by filling in for them when they’re sick or on vacation, or when they are unseasonably busy (we can all use a hand sometime!)

How to excel:

You want to be the best CSA we have ever had? Here’s how:

  • You’re an excellent communicator, on the phone, in person and in writing. This is critical.
  • You are a lifelong learner and are passionate about increasing your knowledge and expertise. Our work requires some financial acumen, so if numbers scare you, you may be looking at the wrong opportunity.
  • You are obsessive about organization and task management. This, too, is critical.
  • You sincerely love dealing with people. You treat our clients and our team like family.
  • You make stuff happen. In fact, you’re probably already thinking of a creative way to set yourself apart and get this job.
  • People always ask you to help because when you say you’re going to do something, you do it. Every time. Without fail.

You have some industry knowledge and experience.  It doesn’t have to be in financial planning but you should have some level of financial fluency.  You should have some level of business education, but a college degree is not required. We find previous financial industry or especially investment advisory firm experience highly desirable.


We offer a competitive salary, depending on experience, with generous benefits!

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to our HR company. Please be creative. Boring resumes are boring.