Business Continuity Plan

Inspired Financial understands the importance of ensuring our clients have continued access to their investments in the event our office operations are impacted by a disaster. As a result, we have developed and maintain a business continuity plan that describes how we will respond to future significant business disruptions of varying degrees of severity.

Inspired Financial’s office operations in Huntington Beach, CA are equipped for resumption of service in the event a significant business disruption affects the building, local business area, city, and/or region. We will continue to conduct business during those disruptions and may choose to relocate key personnel and services to our designated backup facilities. Relocations of critical functions will be completed within four hours of the significant business disruption.

In the event of a disruption resulting from a reduction in work force due to a pandemic situation, we have a comprehensive pandemic response plan to minimize the exposure and spread of a virus in the workplace. The plan involves social distancing and other measures to avoid close physical proximity in the workplace. Social distancing includes, but is not limited to, requesting employees to work remotely, invoking swing shifts and may require suspension of some non-critical functions.

Inspired Financial is a “paperless” office and our data is maintained in highly-secured data centers (multiple for redundant back up) around the United States. None of these data centers are in southern California. In addition, our clearing firm, TD Ameritrade, has multiple service centers located in various regions of the country. Both these providers—our data center and our clearing firm—have complete business continuity plans designed to allow them to continue operations in the event they experience a significant business disruption. Their plans include redundancies, alternate facilities and recovery time objectives that support our plan.

In the event of a significant business disruption at Inspired Financial’s office in Huntington Beach, CA, our clients may call our office number, 714-971-0663, and the call will be forwarded to our phones at our disaster recovery location. Clients may also refer to our website,, for current information in the event of a disruption. Clients may also contact TD Ameritrade directly at 800-669-3900 regarding their accounts.

While we have detailed plans in place, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to recover as quickly as described here under all possible circumstances. We’ll strive to resume service as soon as possible but our recovery time may be negatively impacted by the unavailability of third parties and/or other circumstances beyond our control.

We review and test our business continuity plan throughout the year and it is subject to modification as we improve it. Please call us at 714-971-0663 if you have any questions about this. We welcome your call!