Homeowner Insurance Protection after a Fire Loss

After the rain comes sunshine! Summer will be here in no time, and with that, the danger of fires. Is your homeowner insurance protecting you in case of a fire? In this guest post, Fred Giron, a Property & Casualty insurance expert and dear friend to Inspired Financial, explains what is covered by your homeowner insurance after[…..]

Dissapearing railroad on the horizon under a blue and red sky as a concept for future successfullness.

Spring and Enlarging Your Storehouse

Spring is such a wonderful time of year. We celebrate occasions like Easter, The Masters, and tax refunds (if we are lucky). We experience the spring equinox, lengthening days, and wildflowers in the foothills. It’s also a terrific time to go on vacation before the summer crowds, heat, and humidity descend on those places. I’m thinking of[…..]

Elderly lady working with laptop

Learning Opportunities for Lifelong Learner Adults in Orange County

Are you over age 50 and a lifelong learner? Do you enjoy attending classes on interesting topics without having to worry about exams or grades?  The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) might be the right organization for you! The OLLI program is offered at various universities in Orange County: UC Irvine, Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long[…..]

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Not a “One-And-Done”: The Importance of Reviewing Your Estate Documents

You know how there are some things in life that you really only need to do once and not feel compelled to ever do them again? Wisdom teeth removal, home perms, and puberty all come to mind here. However, other things that might seem like “one-and-done” issues actually bear repeating. For example, how often should you review[…..]

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Three Legal Strategies When Facing A Major Health Event (Guest Post)

Curtis Kaiser, Esq., a professional colleague and a personal friend of ours, recently wrote his own blog post on Major Health Events. To me it was impactful and I asked Curtis if we could share it with our clients and friends.  Last month, Curtis volunteered a day of his time to be Counselor for a Day in[…..]