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Taxes & the Hidden Alpha

I am of the opinion that every wealth management firm should have someone with a strong tax background – very strong!  Like having a CPA or Masters of Science in Taxation (MST).Why is tax expertise so important?  Our client work is quite fluid and virtually every action we take has tax conse...

On Your Road to Financial Success, What Car are You Driving?

Car on long road, like a financial journey
Thoughts on the optimal process for achieving your financial goals (spoiler alert: this is our process!)In a word, it’s all about “efficiency.”  I will make the comparison of your financial life to an automobile.  Your financial assets (“money”) are the gasoline in the tank—the fue...

Preparing Personal Financial Statements Effectively

Financial Statements
What do you and Apple have in common? Or, how creating your personal financial statements contributes to your success.Ok, I’m a CPA.  I can read, interpret, and analyze financial statements.  But did you know that the two most common corporate financial statements—the Balance Sheet and the...

Location, Location, Location! How Asset Placement Can Save You Taxes

Asset Placement is a popular discussion among financial planners (we’re a nerdy bunch). Asset Placement is determining what type of account (IRA, Roth IRA, trust, etc.) should hold what type of investment (bonds, US stocks, foreign stocks, real estate, etc.). If you ignore asset placement and you ...

Zero Percent Capital Gains Tax Rate

0% taxes is a beautiful thing.  It doesn’t apply to everyone.  Let’s discuss.The Capital Gain rates are 15% (for most) and 20% (for very high income people).  Then there’s this pesky 3.8% tax on Net Investment Income if you make over $200,000.  Who knew that Capital Gains taxation was ...