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World Gratitude Day

September 21 is World Gratitude Day. It is also the International Day of Peace. What a harmonic combination of goodness. In 1965, the United Nations Meditation Group decided that it would be a good idea to have one day per year to formally express gratitude and appreciation for the many wonderful things to be found in the world.

Here are four suggestions to make this day count.

1. Take a moment to appreciate family and friends. Take a moment to pause and reflect on those around you. Which family member helped make you who you are today? Give him/her a call or meet for a coffee and express your gratitude. Tell your kids how proud you are of them. Tell your friends how much you appreciate that they are part of your life.

2. Be thankful to your community. Consider all those individuals who are part of your community. Firefighters, teachers, neighbors, etc. Stop and say thank you for what they do!

3. Appreciate yourself. Consider what contributions you bring to your family, work, and community. Write down the talents, skills, and gifts you have and why you’re grateful for them.

4. Start a gratitude board. Have you ever heard about gratitude boards? About two years ago my husband and I started one. You wake up every morning, have a cup of coffee or tea and think about something you are grateful for today. Then write it on a post-it note and stick it to your board. The meal you are going to share with your loved one, having a loving family, being able to do what you love every day, having a roof over your head… even the simplest things should not be taken for granted. You would be surprised how many good things we have in our daily lives that we don’t think about!

Gratitude does not have to be involved in an action, simply feeling grateful can be a powerful way to uplift your mood and start a positive track of thinking.

We would like to use this occasion to say thank you. Thank you for letting us be part of your lives. We are very passionate about what we do everyday and it would not be possible without you. Happy World Gratitude Day!

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