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Retirement on the Horizon

As some of our clients know, I’ll be retiring after 30 years of working in the financial planning industry: 15 years for Gagen & Co. and for the last 15 years with Inspired Financial. The time as flown by. I started out as a secretary (old fashioned job description) that evolved into Director of Operations. Titles and job descriptions were never important to me. Our clients have always been #1 in my heart and soul and I always strived to enjoy every single day keeping them happy.

I have also been very fortunate to plan for my retirement because I’ve taken and learned from the advice of the great planners at Inspired Financial. We all know it takes a lot of money to retire and we don’t want to “outlive” our money.

Here are some important reminders:

  1. Come in for a retirement income analysis.
  2. Discuss Social Security and the pros/cons of waiting to age 70 when the benefits increase by 8% each year.
  3. Have long term care insurance.
  4. Have your estate plan in place.

When I looked at different retirement sites to provide information about retirement they gave practical advice. We know Inspired Financial gives expert advice. I think everyone would rather know about the “fun” side of retirement that I’m looking forward to:

  1. Exercising in the a.m., not “after” work. I told my Zumba buddies I’ll be dancing closer to home and I’m weaning off Huntington Beach Senior Center. Look how much gas I’m going to save.
  2. I’ll re-discover my kitchen and cook wholesome meals – lucky Fred.
  3. I’ll put on my garden hat and get pointers from Evelyn’s mother who is a “Master Gardener”.
  4. Reading has always been my passion and I can participate at book clubs at lunch time instead of “happy hour.”
  5. Traveling to places that are on my bucket list such as Buenos Aires to watch the Argentine tango and Kentucky Derby to watch the famous horse race.
  6. Volunteering, but I need to be very selective because we know volunteering can be a full-time job and remember I’m retiring.
  7. Having fun with my grandchildren and being more flexible with my time.
  8. Not having deadlines and sleeping a little later in the morning – less stress is good for the heart.
  9. Not driving in rush hour!!!
  10. Join the Audubon Society and become a bird watcher.

I hope I’m prepared financially and socially for this new stage in my life. Please Save-the-Date for my retirement party on October 17th. Watch for your invitation soon!!

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