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Happiness in Retirement

One of the great transitions in many people’s lives is going from employment to retirement. Between pursuing old or newly found passions, babysitting the grandchildren, traveling, or volunteering, many of our retired clients are now busier than they were during their working years!

However, after a few years in retirement, some people realize that they are not as happy as they used to be due to stress or busyness. Because adding to your life is not always the answer, here is a reminder of things that you could REMOVE from your life to be happier in retirement:

  • Comparing yourself to others: Social Media can sometimes create unrealistic expectations of what a “perfect” life should be. You may feel that you are not as good, not as successful, or not as rich as your friends; But if you look at their lives from an objective standpoint, you will see that they also have challenges and make mistakes, just like the rest of us because we are all human beings.
  • Living in the past: You may be nostalgic for “the good old days” but your life is not over, you still have adventures to live and chapters of your story to write.
  • Declutter your home: Sell or donate duplicate items, or items that you don’t use anymore.
  • Obligations that you are not looking forward to attending: People tend to assume that once you retire, you have a lot of free time. You should not feel obligated to serve on a committee or babysit your grandkids this weekend. Make sure to create boundaries and say “no” when needed.
  • Postponing things that you want to do: In my opinion, time should be the most treasured asset that we possess. It’s important to realize that we all have a limited amount of time to live and accomplish our greatest adventures. Each day is valuable as a day wasted can never be recuperated. I recently lost my mother-in-law to cancer and remember telling her that I would take her to the beach when the weather would cool down. That was a month and a half ago and today the weather is beautiful in Huntington Beach but she isn’t here to come with me on an adventure. Seize the day!
  • Activities that you don’t enjoy doing: Consider outsourcing activities that don’t fulfill you in retirement. For example, if you don’t enjoy gardening, consider hiring a gardener, or if you don’t enjoy cleaning indoors, consider hiring a housekeeper.

Finally, for some people, routine can make your life seem predictable and boring. It may be fun to reinvent your daily routine and switch things up. Inspired Financial has a lot of experience helping clients go through life’s transitions. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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