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Bucket List – Life Goals to Look Forward to

With the holidays being right around the corner and 2016 coming to an end, there’s no better time than now to think about your bucket list of goals and dreams you hope to accomplish in your lifetime. Believe it or not, you’re never too old to relive your childhood memories of writing to Santa or Harry Hanukkah for these dreams to be fulfilled.  Whether you want to travel the United States by RV, ride an elephant in Thailand, wine taste in Spain, hike the Grand Canyon, go skydiving or publish a cookbook; there is no reason why you can’t strive make these things happen. Granted, these are a few of my personal bucket list items and may seem impossible even to me, this year for Christmas I’ll be asking Santa for the yearlong gift of guidance in order to make my bucket list items become in time, reality.

I encourage everyone to make their own bucket list, if you haven’t already, of exciting life goals you can look forward to! Bucket lists help us stop and think what we actually want to experience in this lifetime while reminding us that life is short and we should live it to its fullest. They can also increase our happiness by giving us both hope and curiosity for the future.

Here are a few helpful steps to get started:

  1. Dreamstorm. Just like it sounds! Allow your mind to be free and remove all limits, these are your dreams. It doesn’t matter how simple, crazy or unfeasible it may be just jot it down.
  2. Consider multiple lists. One long list may seem unrealistic to the eye or get lost in the shuffle of daily life. Try a couple short term lists such as: Personal Goals, Summer 2017, In My 40’s, With the Grandkids or Travels.
  3. Have milestone goals. Try giving yourself small interim goals and once they’ve been met, reward yourself by picking an item to cross off your list. My opinion of the best bucket list(s) is to change it as your life progresses to ensure constant interest in working towards not only the milestone goals you set but the list as a whole.
  4. Enlist the help of family and friends. Keep in mind the importance of accountability, by making your goals known to others you are much more likely to accomplish them. You may even get a bucket list buddy to join you for some of your adventures!
  5. Plan accordingly. Be mindful with the timing and of your funds. Some of your goals may be inexpensive and a quick “check!” whereas others may take time to plan out and require money you’ll need to have set aside.

Regardless if you crumble your list up, share it with everyone you know or even send it off; writing to Santa or Harry Hanukkah this holiday season will not only make you smile at the thought of actually doing this as an adult but it can never hurt!


  1. 22 December 2016
    Tony Ceballos

    Hi Rachel, so glad to meet you and look forward to working with you and Beth in 2017. Welcome to the Inspired Financial team. Teamwork does make the dream work!

    • 27 December 2016
      Rachel Olson

      Thanks Tony, it was a pleasure to meet you as well! Here’s to a great 2017.

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