Eating to Maintain Brain Function

Woman Salad Healthy BrainWe are keeping an eye out for the latest research on a topic that concerns us all and touches so many lives. In March 2015, Rush University in Chicago published the MIND diet, which lists ten things to eat and five things to avoid to keep your brain healthy. Results show that strictly following these guidelines reduces Alzheimer’s disease by over half – 53%. Even following it moderately has significant impact, reducing it by one-third. In brief terms, the things to eat include:

1. Green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, and collard greens – at least once every day;
2. Other types of vegetables – at least once every day;
3. Nuts – at least five times per week;
4. Blueberries (strawberries are also beneficial but nothing beats blueberries) – at least twice per week;
5. Beans – at least three times per week;
6. Whole grains – at least 3 servings per day;
7. Fish – at least once per week;
8. Poultry – at least twice per week;
9. Olive oil as the primary cooking oil;
10. Wine – one glass per day.

The five things to limit include:
1. Red meat – no more than four ounces four times per week;
2. Butter or margarine – less than two tablespoons per day;
3. Cheese – no more than one serving per week;
4. Pastries and sweets – no more than one small serving five times per week;
5. Fried food or fast foods – less than one serving per week.

Click here to read the press release article from Rush University. The full article with all the research appeared in the March 2015 issue of Alzheimer’s & Dementia. Feed your brain. Along with exercise, it’s one of the easiest things you can do to forestall Alzheimer’s disease. Bon appétit!

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