And now, for something completely different…

APR15_09_129615600I recently read a blog on the Harvard Business Review that described “Nine Things Successful People Do Differently” and was struck by the number of these things that we do at Inspired Financial (which confirms what I’ve always said about us being different).

For example, we are in the home stretch of an enormous software and service provider audit to confirm that the resources we use to serve our client are the best ones available (see thing #5, focus on getting better, rather than being good).  As you might expect, it has been a grueling exercise (see #6, have grit) but we agreed that summer is the best time to take on this sort of task (see #2, seize the moment to act on your goals) and we are motivated to finish by a set deadline of August 31st (see #1, get specific).

We’re meeting weekly as a team to measure progress (see #3, know exactly how far you have left to go) and to also agree upon any changes that need to be made for our clients’ benefit, regardless of the short-term administrative challenges (see #7, build your willpower muscle).

Finally, we stay motivated through this slog-of-a-project (there’s no better way to describe it) with the knowledge that we will make only those changes that are most compelling and those are the ones that will have the greatest positive impact on our clients and how we can serve them (see #4, be a realistic optimist).

It’s gratifying that while we are helping our clients achieve their most important goals, we are also doing the right things–the ones that successful people do (even if it makes them different)!

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